Do you have a guilty pleasure? Are you frequently tempted, even though you know it's probably bad for you?

It's perfectly natural to want to do things that feel good and to enjoy life's many pleasures. Furthermore, we are all creatures of habit, so we frequently develop routines in our lives without even realizing what is happening.

As you know, some habits can harm us. Still, it can be difficult to recognize when our habits are harming us, especially when it feels so good. Even after we accept this sad news, it can still be incredibly hard to change our habits and develop new, healthy habits.

Do you ever tell yourself things like: "It will be so good, I just have to do it!" or "I can quit later, just one more time won't hurt" or "It will be too difficult to quit, I just can't do it, so why try?". If so, you may be struggling with a habit or addiction.

You're not alone and there is help!


Here are some common examples:

  • Overeating (including binge-eating and purging)
  • Cigarette Smoking (also chewing, dipping and using snuff or cigars)
  • Alcoholism (Alcohol abuse and dependence)
  • Drug Abuse (prescription or recreational drug abuse and dependence)
  • Skin Picking, Hair Pulling and nail biting
  • Compulsive Hoarding
  • Compulsive hand-washing, checking, counting, cleaning
  • Compulsive gambling

Remember, "we all drift in and out of enlightenment", so whether this is the first time you have become aware of a problem or the ninety-ninth relapse, you still deserve quality treatment, respect and the joys of a new life.