Namrata Vyas

I believe life is a journey of all kinds of experiences/phases in life. It should not be the case for us to wait until we get most vulnerable or depressed and that is the only time we start approaching to psychologists. Mental well being is something to be addressed every minute, even when we are happy and content in life. Just like we do some physical exercise (walk, dance, gym etc.), it is equally important to do mental exercise everyday. I had few things going on in my mind, also had observed a pattern of thoughts and reactions in me which again were not trouble to anyone majorly but yet i wanted to improvise that in myself. As i mentioned earlier, mental exercise is a constant thing. Dr. Dipti has been very kind, patient and empathetic not just in terms of listening but also always made sure that she has understood me well to suggest right therapy for me. It felt like talking to a friend who can give solution to all my thoughts and suggest me right exercises for improvements. Highly recommend all to take therapy sessions from Dr. Dipti not only when you feel most vulnerable. But start it with when you feel little restless as then you will be able to help yourself at the right time :)

Fernando Kiechle

My treatment is not yet finished but I can categorically say that these last few weeks have been the best in the last 30 years. (YES. YOU READ CORRECTLY. 3 x 10 = 30 ). After all those years of suffering from chronic depression, I read Dr. David Burns' book "Feeling Great" (which explains TEAM CBT) The method created by Dr. David Burns has a very focused logic and prevents therapists and patients from getting lost in the journey. I immediately identified myself with the PATIENT RESISTANCE TO TREATMENTS approach from TEAM CBT as I had already tried "everything". Unfortunately, I have not found ANY certified TEAM CBT therapist in Brazil. I got in touch with the Feeling Good Institute that referred me to some professionals outside the USA because American therapists couldn't see me as I live in Brazil. I opted for Dr. Dipti Joshi who has been doing an EXCELLENT job and I already have clear symptoms improvement. She is very patient, empathetic, and technically accurate. I made conventional CBT in Brazil, the USA, and Germany: the effectiveness and productivity of TEAM CBT are much superior/more professional. In addition, I found the experience of doing therapy remotely via Zoom excellent because you have the option to record sessions and watch again later. I hope someday to meet Dr. Dipti Josh in person to thank her.

Vachan Batavia

The session was extremely helpful to me. She first listened to all that I had to say , understood me and then suggested me all the things I can do to get a better peace of mind. She taught me how to communicate my anger and how to overpower my negative thoughts. I would definitely recommend her because it was worth the time.

Minu Bhadran

I was going through a separation after 6 years of marriage and I had hit a very low point in life and that’s when I happened to meet Dr Dipti Joshi. Meeting her and talking to her completely changed me overnight . I have been to 3 other psychologists since my separation and even though they were all very supportive and attentive , I never learned how to cope with my emotions or deal with all the stress that I was going through. All I could do was vent to a third person who was sympathetic and compassionate. But Dr Dipti’s technique is very structured and practical. She helps you quantify your feelings and emotions and she uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to completely rewire your brain’s thought process. It helped me cope with all the different emotions I was going through and change my behaviour pattern. She was very compassionate and warm and I could connect with her and open up to her immediately and by the end of the session I felt like I’ve known her all my life. I would definitely recommend her therapy to anyone who is going through any kind of depression , anxiety or stress. She is the best !

Sur Shah

Great knowledge and methodical approach. Always always willing to help, very patient and supremely kind at heart. Works according on the situation and creates a unique path to recovery. Would definitely recommend.

Sagar Juneja

It gives me immense pleasure to write about Dr. Dipti Joshi’s work.. She is an excellent psychologist who not only knows about her work well but also the clients needs from her.. The way she handles all her clients as if her only client is very commendable.. I am currently taking counselling sessions from her and very satisfied with the results she has given me in such quick time.. Will highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a counselling in psychology.. Keep up the good work!!

Meghu Trivedi

Excellent doctor with great knowledge and very friendly attitude. I am pleased to find such a great counselor. I would rate you as best doctor I have met in my life and you are the right kind of person I need to recover fast from depression. Simply you are doing excellent work by making difference in life of so many people around. We would be very thankful to you for that.

Vrutika Prajapati

Dr Dipti Joshi is an experienced psychologist. I went to see her for my anxiety issues & not feeling good. I felt calm after the session. I felt that problems can be solved with a better approach towards it rather than overthinking. She gave me few tools to practice like decision making, etc. She uses many practical sessions as well for the better understanding of client. Overall a great & happy experience!

Shradha Makhija

I started seeing her when I felt extremely hopeless and wanted to do something about it. I have always felt "a bit odd" emotionally and behaviour-wise, yet I thought I am just being silly and never really considered I have any measurable problem. She made me open up like no one else and diagnosed me with ADHD and some other issues. The tools and techniques she uses feel so natural and with the flow that you may not even realize that serious work is being done. The passion she has for helping people is beyond what is expected from anyone in the profession. Working on yourself is not easy, but she makes it look effortless. She not only listens to you, but she also makes you listen to yourself, she teaches how to better understand your emotions. Besides, she is a great human being to look up to. I personally feel remarkably influenced by her work in the field of Cognitive behavioural therapy. She has got me hooked on to books, podcasts, and this treasure trove that is CBT. Coming on my case, I have a long way to go to feel better, but I understand it is a daily process and with her, it is all going to be worthwhile. I would recommend everyone to consider therapy at least once in life and if you can, consider her. Because if you do, this is going to be an investment with assured returns.


Dr Dipti is a lovely lady with a magical healing touch. After meeting with you I was able to deal with difficult situations and find peace. U give me soothing warmth and strength. She is like best friend. She is always there to support, she is such a positive person, her positivity is like Midas touch. She is the bestest of the best.

Anurav Agrawal

Dr Joshi has been counselling me for the better part of a decade and I have seen extraordinary growth and improvement in my ability to deal with everyday problems. She has a very methodological approach and is able to effectively enunciate the same for her patients. She comes across as very approachable in her sessions and I would recommend her to anyone seeking to better their psychological strength.

Manav Desai

Doc was super genuine and helpful to me. I have learnt so much from her which Im in the process of applying towards my life. She has been amazing in her approach which focuses more on me as an individual realizing my problems and gaining enlightnment( I think so ). Overall , I love the overall concept of therapy hw and reading material. I am glad and grateful for everything that happened with me which led me to Doc. Thank u Doc 😊

Nehal Chotaliya

She is so kind and always ready to help. The technique she use to heal is so effective. I am so thankful to her. Even five star rating is less for her...she deserves more than it.

Pratixaa Shah

Dr. Dipti Joshi is a very kind and humble person. She understands her clients very well and very quickly so her counselling helps perfectly and completely to deal with your problems. She had been a great help. Highly recommended.

Raman Sahasi

Dr Dipti Joshi's method and style as a psychologist is a unique blend of cognitive behavioural therapy. I'm glad to say that her advice helped me even long after the sessions were over. I highly recommend her and will be seeking her advice again in the future if anything else arises in which I need clarity or understanding.

Asmita Singh

Dr. Dipti is such a good and patient listener, one cannot help but pour their heart out to her. She does not force her judgements or solutions on you but instead gives you very easy and practical ways to discover what you truly desire (which can seem extremely difficult or impossible to do all by yourself at times). She helped me at a difficult time in my life and made me come out stronger. Thanks a lot, Dr.!

Abhishek Jejani

Sessions with Dr Deepti Joshi brought much positivity and have been immensely helpful in my life. I had a great experience with her, which was life changing for me.

Neelam Anand

Dr. Dipti Joshi is excellent in her work. Knows her job well . I think the best I know.

Nina Patel

She is so supportive.and so helpful for my mental health and emotional issues

Hiren Desai

Dipti madam is torch bearers of my life she help me to overcome my alcoholism she was very much helpful in my kids career guidance thx a lot madam

Anjali Dubey

A perfect one to meet when one needs , only but, perfect !

kapil mewada

Best counseling

Richa Thakkar

Ruchira Trivedi

I know her for about 3 years now. And I have received training in TEAM CBT up to level 2 from her. She is sincere and dedicated trainer as well as therapist, who is warm and considerate towards others. Inspires others to do their best.

Dr.Sumathi Narayanan

Learning Two levels of TEAM CBT with Dr. Dipti Joshi was a wonderful experience. She made learning structured and easy. Her continuos monitoring of learning and feedback made it realistic to know where we are in learning. She implemented tge program meticulously. Her cheerful cherubic nature made the sessions lively. She ensured that every participant felt comfortable. There was a freedom to make mistakes & learn. Failing forward culture in learning was extremely helpful. She enabled & reinforced learning by detailed planning sheets & summaries of sessions. It was a joyful experience of learning with Dr. Dipti Joshi.

Chitra Iyer

Working with Dr. Dipti and learning under her guidance has been an amazing experience . Her knowledge and skills are par excellence. Above all, her willingness to help and reach out to people is purely unconditional; and that is what makes her an incredible human being. I would strongly recommend to approach her for theraupatic help .

krithika jain

Dipti ma'am is very kind hearted and transparent in her work. I worked with her as an intern, she is always ready to teach new things and gives us great opportunity. I enjoyed working with her, it was a lifetime experience. Thank you ma'am

Veena Mulchandani

When I talk about Dr. Dipti Joshi I feel myself at loss of words; she is not only my mentor who guides me in all ways she can to help me grow professionally and gives me a great exposure to the world of therapy but she is friend who supports, a mother like figure to me as the way she cares and loves is beyond words to express; I have never experienced such love and bond with anyone I worked with so far. Nonetheless she acts as my therapist too when I need it at a point in life and holds my hand taking me towards light ! In just few months that I have been associated with her, I have learned so much and grown so much both professionally and personally. Also in my on going tenure with her I’ve never seen any client go upset or dissatisfied with her, her ways and techniques of therapy are something you’ll cherish and remember always and it will always lead you forward. She has my highest recommendation not only as a therapist but also as one of the best boss to work with.

Gopika Arora

A person with excellent insight in her work. Not only she encourages her clients to come out of their problems, but also teaches them to be their own counselor. She is one in a million who is always ready to share her knowledge fearlessly to her interns & colleagues .Working under her as an intern has been an incredible learning experience. Hav tried to grab d most I could. Ahmedabad is really lucky to have u ma'am. Surat gonna miss u.. But v hope to c u frequently, for training workshops. Pls Keep us updated. Highest recommendations.Best wishes.

Dr Trupti Chaudhari Patel

Dr Dipti Joshi has great work experience,has been mentored for CBT from the best of teachers like David Burns and on top of it all is an excellent person at heart.A trustworthy psychologist!!